Hello, World

So this is my “Hello, World” post trying to outline what I’m doing here. And why this is something of a hybrid male Pinterest with a blog down the center. The answer to both is — I want this to be a different than what I’ve seen from other VC blogs. I’m not sure what form factor it’ll┬átake going forward but there’s a lot of people’s blogging style that I have a lot of respect for and that you’ll see aspects of in my writing. People like my Battery colleagues Neeraj Agrawal and Roger Lee, fellow VCs Tom Tungusz, Dave McClure, Bill Gurley and Ben Horowitz and then other humans┬álike Bill Simmons, Amos Barshad, Jon Stewart and Chuck Klosterman.

So it’ll evolve and I’ll improve but my main focus will always be some mix of entertainment and insight, targeted at people that care about the software ecosystem (particularly current or future entrepreneurs).

And always let me know what I can do better.